GolfXtra Corporate Golf

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I don't have Internet access. How do I make a reservation?
  By calling Corporate GolfXtra to request available courses. 
Q. How many memberships do you have at each club?
  Corporate GolfXtra is proud to offer the best ratio in the industry at 1 membership for every 3 members. Please visit the for details.
Q. Is there are limit to the number of rounds I can play? 

There is no limit to the number of rounds you can play during the season on all courses except :

  • There is limit of 12 rounds per member per season at Buckingham GC 
  • There is limit of 10 rounds per member per season at Rockland GC for all members type.
Q. Are there any restrictions?

Yes, there are some. mostly on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays, at some select courses. Please visit the tab for details.

Q. What if I am playing with someone who is not a member of Corporate GolfXtra?
  Make sure you include all your golfing partners when calling the Golf course to book your tee-times. ie: you might mention that you are booking for 4 golfers, 2 Corporate GolfXtra members and 2 guests. Your guests pay their green fee at the club while you pay Corporate GolfXtra.
Q. What is the flex Option?
  When 2 members purchase this option, it allows them to replace a member with a guest at the Corporate GolfXtra rate. The fee for the guest is payable to Corporate GolfXtra by the member who makes the booking.  A "FLEX" membership cannot be purchased by only one person,  2 people are needed and must each pay the Flex membership fee.