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Corporate GolfXtra Membership Packages

Corporate GolfXtra Membership pricing is based on a graduated Early Bird system so make sure you sign up early to get the best possible deal.

Full Week Membership (7-day) $ 315.00 tx incl- Sign-Up Now

As a Corporate GolfXtra Full Week Member, you'll have access to discounted green fee rates at all of our affiliated golf courses every day of the week.

Weekday Membership (5-day) $ 265.00 tx incl - Sign-Up Now

As a Corporate GolfXtra  Weekday Member, you'll have access to the same discounted green fee rates as our Full Week Members, however this membership level is limited to play from Monday to Friday.

Unlimited Play Membership - Call 819-568-4442 - Gatineau office, or 613-722-4319 - Ottawa office,  to sign-up.

With an Unlimited Play Membership ($2089.00 taxes incl)  you can play as much and as often as you please for no additional cost at any course where the cost is $26 (before taxes) or less course. For courses over $26  (before taxes), you simply pay the difference.  ie: Montebello cost is $40 therefore the difference owed is $14 (before taxes). 

Corporate Memberships - Sign-Up Now 

As a GolfXtra 7-Day or 5-Day Corporate Member, you'll have the ability to purchase additional associate memberships which will be linked with your membership, allowing guests to join you at the Corporate GolfXtra green fee rates.

Corporate GolfXtra Exclusive "FLEX" Option $698.00 tx incl  ( 7 day) $598.00 tx incl ( 5 day) Sign-Up Now 

GolfXtra's "FLEX" option is for two members who are as flex partners and allows them to replace their linked FLEX partner with a guest at the Corporate GolfXtra  rate. The fee for the guest is payable to Corporate GolfXtra by the member who makes the booking. If replacing your linked FLEX member with a guest, the linked FLEX member will not be able to use their membership for that day. You must be two people in order to take advantage of the FLEX program, the price difference is 50$ more than a regular membership per person.